Key & Swirl

kslogosq.fwKey and Swirl is a media-centric wine blog/vlog.  We  want to share with you to the world of wine in a new and creative perspective laced with a creative edge.  We are a new breed of ascot-less wine snobs.

Follow our wine blog to hear about new wines that you won’t find on your grocery store shelf.  We will focus our journeys on boutique wines that are not usually mass distributed.

Brush up on your wine knowledge and learn about wine tasting.  If you are a novice, we can help with the intimidation factor.  Allow us the to help you become a wine snob!  We want to go tasting with you!

The feature of Key and Swirl will be adding the human factor to wine tasting by featuring our tastings via live media. We won’t just tell you, we will show you! We want to shoot our tasting experiences and share what we find.  Follow our videos and our snobs to homes, wine bars and of course wineries in search of the perfect wine.  Learn about our “wine snobs,” find which share your taste buds and then buy the wines they suggest.  The best way to buy wine is by referral.  The best referrals come from people that like what you like.  Buying and drinking wine should be complex.

If a picture says 1000 words, then video is unlimited.  Come with us and let us share our wine adventures with you.  Get your wine key, open that bottle you’ve been waiting to try, swirl the juice and enjoy!