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Years ago, I was a respectable high school athlete with aspirations of being seen by college recruiters.  I practiced hard and played even harder, but where were the recruiters?  Was my coach supposed to call them or was I? I didn't learn the process until it was too late. The I Got Game Films process informs you so you can take control of your own recruitment.
• get your name out there
• gathering your personal data for coaches and recruiters
• collect, organize and present your sports statistics.
• gather raw video and let us create professional clips to present
• contact university coaches and show them your game

Today's college recruiter is faced with the daunting task of bringing his school the best possible athletes from around the country. Recruitable talent is everywhere! The pool is saturated and you need a voice in the crowd. I Got Game Films helps young athletes utilize the digital medium to communicate with college recruiters.  Without this medium, good performances will go unnoticed. 
I Got Game Films can:
• guide you in your quest or create and entire website to present your data, statistics and accomplishments.
• help you find contact information for colleges and universities.
• help you create targeted game footage specifically for recruiters.
• provide you with a professional e-mail address to demonstrate you are serious about the recruitment process.

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